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2018 Honorees

11th Annual Two-Step Honorees


Spirit of Inspiration Award: Morgan Hartman

Morgan Hartman/ Morgan’s Inspiration Island has truly inspired us all. Persons with disabilities are generally not seen as “whole people”…people with the ability to influence others, to have a positive impact upon  our society, and our culture. At TEAMability, we know that each person’s spirit, no matter their level of disabilities, determines their impact upon others. We know that Morgan’s spirit has determined the life course of Gordon and Maggie Hartman, and it is that spirit and attitude that we want to recognize.  Because Morgan is who she is, she has positively impacted the lives of others, worldwide.


Spirit of Innovation: Mike Flores, Palo Alto College President

Mike Flores is a leader in advocating educational opportunity for ALL, and he has pioneered Palo Alto College’s innovative Project Access, offering unique post-secondary educational access to individuals with intellectual disabilities.


Ruth Palmer Davis Family of the Year Award: The Family of Emily Ammann

Cold and windy Joliet, Illinois, winters drove Vickie Garcia Ammann to Texas where she attended Texas A&M University in College Station, earning a B.S. in Construction Science. Vickie settled near family in San Antonio and launched a career in the home building industry. Vickie’s understanding of the significance of codes, standards and best practices has contributed to her ability to
advocate for Emily and ALL children with severe, multiple disabilities. Vickie is a voice for these children and their families at both local and state levels, helping representatives better understand the needs and challenges faced daily by the severely disabled.  She actively participates in Emily’s school activities, fostering friendship and inclusion. Vickie is always willing to be a voice for TEAMability. Her contributions to the development of waterproof covers for respirators helped make Morgan’s Inspiration Island more accessible to children with tracheotomies.

Born and raised in Boerne, John Ammann discovered his talent for technology while a student at UTSA.  As the new world of computers and internet erupted, what started as a hobby became John’s career. A trouble-shooter who likes to be hands-on, John is the owner of Alamo Consulting. He and his team have updated our network wiring, given us access points, and provided computers and monitors for our staff. John’s expertise was invaluable in the selection and installation of our new phone system.

John and Vickie give back because, in John’s words, “…my daughter and family receive so much love and care…You don’t have to do this and we are so grateful.  Vickie adds, “We are grateful for TEAMability’s resolute strength and undeniable commitment to our family in our personal journey to provide the most fulfilled and best life we can for our precious child.”