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Letter from the Director


Challenging the Assumptions

Why do visitors to the TEAMability Learning Center expect to find sadness? Why are they surprised by the abundant joy of staff, parents and children?

I have come to understand that our children are more often defined by their severe multiple disabilities, by the parts of them that don’t work…this leads to many assumptions…

The assumption that these children are tragic burden.

The assumption that their families are perpetually sad & hopeless.

The assumption that these children will be forever helpless and passive.

But, the unfortunate misperceptions of friends, family, and the community-at-large and the despairing prognoses offered by physicians and therapists have not robbed our loving parents of hope and optimism. They struggle and fight for their children’s health and wellbeing and, in the face of enormous and persistent difficulties, never give up searching for opportunities for their children and knowledge for themselves.

At the TEAMability Learning Center we “challenge the assumptions”. Here children are defined by their abilities, by who they are and what they can do and like to do. Children are given time to discover that they can interact with others, that they can make things happen. Here they experience the joy of success. Here parents understand the reality of their child’s disability, but recognize another reality, the reality of beautiful, happy, funny, brave, affectionate children who bring love, happiness and reward to all who know them.

The TEAMability Learning Center is full of surprises, but our joy will overwhelm you. Join us as we “challenge the assumptions.” There are many ways to help…


Barbara M. Goldman

Executive Director