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Jude started coming to TEAMability in 2011, when he was 5 years old. He is an enthusiastic boy who enjoys participating in activities and lights up when he is learning at TEAMability. Over the past two years he has learned to look at things and to interact with the world around him…he is now reaching out to grasp objects, sometimes holding onto them for up to 30 seconds. Jude is learning how to control his body and can now hold up his head on his own for five minutes at a time. And, as you can see in his picture, he now looks at people and smiles!


All of these seemingly small accomplishments are huge to Jude. At TEAMability we celebrate these successes because they all lead Jude, and other kids like him, to a life of enjoyment, instead of a life that passes him by.  TEAMability is only able to meet the needs of these children because of the generous support of the community…caring people like you.