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School Services

imgSchoolServicesThe combined training and expertise of TEAMability’s staff has resulted in the design of a unique approach that has proven
successful in improving the learning and, more importantly, the lives of children with severe multiple disabilities.

Due to this proven success and expertise, local and regional school districts turn to TEAMability for support and training.

  • At the request of the district, an assessment of their current programs for children with severe multiple disabilities is conducted by TEAMability.
    • Recommendations for classroom environments are offered.
    • Customized professional staff development is offered.
  • Individual student assessments, requested by either the district or parents, are carried out in the school and home environments.
    • TEAMability provides a written report to the parents and school.
    • Recommendations for home and classroom strategies are offered.
    • Follow-up is available when requested.

Some schools districts opt to transport students with severe multiple disabilities by bus to the TEAMability Learning Center (TLC) for supplemental services as the TLC’s highly specialized environments are not available in the majority of school districts.