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TEAMability Receives Grant from The Najim Family Foundation

San Antonio, TX –  TEAMability announced today that it has received a $25,000 grant from The Najim Family Foundation to support hiring a new Education Specialist. These funds will be combined from other funding sources to hire a new Education Specialist, allowing the development of program elements specific to each child’s needs and allow for children on the waitlist to start services.

TEAMability’s unique program integrates the combined expertise from the fields of occupational therapy, physical therapy and special education to help children with severe multiple disabilities increase their level of functioning and experience an increased quality of life. The Education Specialist is the core of the child’s team and integral in bringing these disciplines together to facilitate learning.

“With the addition of a new Education Specialist, TEAMability will be able to increase the availability of services; bringing on children that have been on our waiting list for over two years. The need is so great in our community, and these children do not have enough access to quality services. We are thankful that The Najim Foundation recognizes this tremendous need and partnered with us to improve the quality of life for severely multiply disabled children,” stated Barbara Goldman, TEAMability’s Executive Director.

About TEAMability

TEAMability is the “go to” provider for children from birth to age 22 with severe multiple disabilities. When children with severe multiple disabilities are discharged from other services for lack of “progress” they have nowhere else to go. TEAMability knows that every child has the capacity to learn and engage actively in their life, and that every child deserves the opportunity to live life to the fullest. TEAMability makes sure that children with severe multiple disabilities have those opportunities. Learn more about TEAMability at www.teamability.org.