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TEAMability Advocate

Before becoming involved with TEAMability, I had had neither contact with nor understanding of children having severe multiple disabilities. Indeed, I was one of “those people,” who would avert their gaze whenever I saw a child slumped in a wheelchair with a contorted body  and a blank stare. It was just too painful to look…and I judged that my cowardliness was OK because I wasn’t hurting their feelings. You see, I had concluded that “nobody was at home” and, therefore, it wouldn’t matter.

From the first time I observed TEAMability’s founders working with a young man (age 16) in the Somerset ISD, I was floored by what they could accomplish and how they had found a key to unlock his hidden potential. No, he would never walk independently, or read, or feed himself. But he had a spark about him; he was clearly engaged, raising one finger to indicate he wanted “more”, as they whirled and pirouetted him around the room on a wheeled board. What I recognized in him was his humanity; what I saw was a child, any child, having fun and not wanting it to end.