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Family Stories


…and then there was this moment…this awesome moment…she danced on her own with her feet on the ground. I was not expecting what I felt at that moment and unbeknownst to Claire, I had tears in my eyes. Momentous, just momentous!!! Thank you, TEAMability!

Aubrie was born a healthy baby girl.  She developed normally, until just after her first birthday.  Mere days later, Aubrie was shaken by her day care provider, forever changing her and her mom Sheri’s lives.  The left side of Brie’s brain suffered extreme damage.  Instead of the daughter who had just taken her first steps, Sheri brought home from the hospital a daughter who could not walk or eat on her own, had epileptic seizures, and whose vision and speech were impaired.


Sheri’s marriage came to an end and she left Colorado to move in with her parents in Texas for a few years.  Sheri and Aubrie were on their own until Aubrie was 8.  That was the year that Sheri met TJ Vineyard.  TJ fell in love with both of them and when he married Sheri a year and a half later, he chose to be Aubrie’s dad too.  They’ve grown their family to include two little brothers for Aubrie.  Sheri has enjoyed being able to be home with all of them and to spend more time with Aubrie.

In the fall of 2010, Aubrie’s in-home care provider left to work at TEAMability, Inc.  Sheri put Aubrie on the waiting list right away, and in Dec. of 2012, they were finally called to come in for an evaluation. They now drive in from Pflugerville, 1 hour and 40 minutes each way, once a week, and Sheri says it’s worth the drive.  Since beginning services at TEAMability, Sheri reports that Aubrie has become more motivated to move.  She has discovered that she can do more than she ever thought she could.  At home Aubrie is experimenting with her body’s movement and manipulating things in her world in new ways.